Original Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church’s Ministerial Staff and Board of Directors.

Dr. Errol A. Redwell, Sr.

Rev. Rose Anderson
Associate Minister

Rev. Lula Lee
Associate Minister

Rev. Darren F. Davis, Sr.
Associate Minister

board of directors.

Dr. Errol A. Redwell, Sr.

Bro. Jimmy Bell

Sis. Darlene Dyson

Bro. Mack Sykes, Sr.

our ministries.

The Original Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church’s full ministry listing can be explored below.
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The Administrative Ministry of Original Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church provides clerical, secretarial and administrative support for our church and Dr. Redwell.

We are blessed to have the following choirs:

Mass Choir
Praise Team
Youth Choir
Men’s Choir
Women’s Choir

The objective of our choirs is to provide spirit-filled, heart-moving and praise-evoking music for each and every one of our Worship Services here at Original Mount Pleasant MB Church. It is also ours to pursue spiritual excellence in our music that we may bring glory to God through the singing of the Gospel of Jesus. We are given to expressing ourselves in this way that through our ministry of music those who hear us will not simply be moved by our music, but will also be lead to exalt, worship and magnify the Lord with us… creating unity among the praise of God’s people!

We also seek to create an atmosphere of praise that ministers unto God first, then to the body of Christ and also the unsaved so that all can experience the presence of God and be moved into a deeper relationship with the Lord. Our goals are:

To be true worshipers, giving our best at all times
To pursue excellence in music for His glory
To sing with confidence
To appreciate and develop our musical gifts and talents
To prepare to present our music through prayer and the study of God’s word
To rehearse regularly to enhance our musical gifts
To solicit, encourage and motivate potential singers
To follow the leadership and vision of our Pastor


The office of Deacon appears in the New Testament as “a servant running through the dust to serve.” The deacon is called upon to assist the pastor and therefore is to serve in the true sense of the term “helper.” The deacon serves closely with the pastor, assisting him with the spiritual aspects of the church.

The Deacons of Original Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church are active men whose responsibility it is to assist the pastor with the sacraments of the church, the visiting of the sick, bereaved, as well as providing other acts of benevolence that are to be shown toward the membership. Acts 6 solidifies the need for deacons.

Intercessory Prayer

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry of Original Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church is designed to take time daily (24 hours a day, seven days a week) to pray and stand in the gap for others. The ministry members set aside their own needs and interests as they take upon themselves the needs of others in prayer, to depend upon the Holy Spirit for guidance in our prayer life.

The key hours of prayer are 12 midnight, 6 a.m., 12 noon and 6 p.m.


The Nurses Ministry of Original Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church are persons who seek to glorify God through their service to the Total Man. Beginning with our Pastor, and then to the membership of Original Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church. This is done in the following ways:

By assisting our Pastor as he ministers during our Worship experiences and outings
By providing assistance and comfort to those who become ill until further assistance is acquired
By providing assistance to baptismal candidates prior to baptism
By providing our congregation and community with health care information periodically

Pastor's Care
Senior Mission

The focus of the Senior Mission Ministry is on ministering to the Total Man. This is done by the Mission first through the sharing and spreading of the Good News of Jesus Christ to all we come in contact with.

Then secondly, the Senior Mission ministers to the physical needs of the Total Man by feeding the hungry and clothing those in need at various times of the year. In addition, the Senior Mission visits the sick, shut-in and the bereaved, providing needed services for them.

Sunday School

The Sunday School Ministry of Original Mount Pleasant MB Church is given to the teaching and study of God’s Word on a consistent basis. Classes are designed for all ages, to strengthen the knowledge, faith, witness and walk of our students. Time is taken to prepare every lesson that is taught in our Sunday School so that God is glorified and Man is edified. Our main goal and mission is to teach all that attend our school, sharing a positive and spiritual understanding of the lesson being taught to our students from the Word of God!

II Timothy 2:15 is our thrust for having Sunday School as a vital part of our church.


The Trustees of Original Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church serve as consecrated and spirit-filled fiduciary officers of the church. Their responsibility is to see after and maintain the temporal aspects of physical and legal well-being of Original Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church’s finances and properties.


The Ushers of Original Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church are not only door-keepers, but they are the Pastor’s official greeters. They provide warmth to all who enter our doors by first welcoming them to our church, and then by sharing instructions, providing worship aids to all.

The Ushers take the initiative of leading our members and guest in and around our church, creating an home-like atmosphere where our members as well as our guests will feel comfortable and desirous of making our church their home.

Willing Workers

The Willing Workers Ministry of Original Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church are committed and ready to serve whenever and wherever there is a need. Their desire is to please God by serving without murmuring or complaining.

Acts of service include praying daily for Dr. Redwell and his family, visiting those who are hospitalized, visiting nursing homes and visiting those who are shut-in.

Youth and Young Adults

The objective of our Youth and Young Adult Ministry is to empower and equip today’s youth with the necessary tools to live a life that glorifies God for the perfecting of the Saints.